The Conference on RFID SEcurity 2007 is the third of the successful "Workshop on RFID Security 2006" and "Workshop on RFID and Light-Weight Crypto 2005" held in Graz (Austria) in the last two years, and organized by the Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communications (IAIK) of Graz University of Technology. This year the venue for the Conference changes and it will be held on July 11-13 at the city of Málaga (Spain). The Communication Engineering Department of the University of Málaga will be the local organizer.

Radio frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the most promising technologies due to its wide area of potential applications; some experts even consider it could provide a technological revolution comparable to provided by mobiles phones or Internet. This capability is determined by the reduced cost of the tags employed. However, this will be only possbile if some of the problems related to the security and privacy this technology presents are overcome. Tradional security solutions can not be very often adapted to this technology because the simplicity of the tags. New security proposals having into account low power consumption, reduced size, vulnerability to physical attacks and the tradional problems attached to a radio link mean a nice challenge for cryptographic researchers. The target of the Conference is researchers and developers join forces to detect problems and to find new solutions related to the security of this technology.

The scope includes but is not limited to:

 New applications for secure RFID systems
 Privacy-enhancing techniques for RFID
 Cryptographic protocols for RFID
 Integration of secure RFID systems
  Resource-efficient implementation of cryptography

Last year about 100 people from all over the world attended the Workshop on RFID Security 2006. About 60% of the participant came from academia, the rest form industry.

University of Málaga with more than 40,000 students is one of the most important Universities in Spain. The School of Telecommunication Engineering with 3,000 students and the Faculty of Computer Science with 2,500 students means the kernel of the technological development in the area. The Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía in Málaga is an industrial state specifically for Techonological Companies and it already have more than 300 firms.

The commitments of the city of Malaga with the new technologies combined with touristy sector are the most representative signs of the city and they make Malaga a perfect location to welcome the Conference on RFID Security-2007.

On behalf of he Conference Comittee is a pleasure for us to invite you to partipate in the Conference on RFID Security, Málaga 2007.

Alberto Peinado (General Chair)
Ana María Barbancho (Local Organizer)
Isabel Barbancho (Local Organizer)
Jorge Munilla (Local Organizer)
Andres Ortíz (Local Organizer)

If you have any further questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to write an email to:

Contact person:
Jorge Munilla
Tlf: +34952134166

E.T.S.I.Telecomunicación, 1.3.7.
Campus Univ. Teatinos. 29071
Malaga (Spain)