Rent a car:
The company Marbesol (malaga car hire) offers a special discount (-15% in all its models from the Malaga Airport) for the participants. You have to indicate the reference RFIDSEC07 in the comment box when you fill the registration form.

We have found the best offers by means of the following travel agencies:

--"Mundojovi" offers to the participants 3* hotels from 80€ (double room) and 55€ (single room). Send an email to the travel agency Mundojovi and ask them for the current offers.
You must say that you are a participant in the "Conference on RFID SECurity"

--"Halcón Viajes" offers to the participants 4* and 3* hotels:
Tryp Alameda (4*): 64.20€ for single or double room.
Don Curro (3*): 64.20€ for single room.
Maestranza (4*): 64.20€ for singe room and 80.10 for double room. (I belive that it's the nearest one)
Naranjos (3*): 64.20 for single room and 85 for double room.

Send an email to the travel agency Halconviajes and ask them for these offers. You must say that you are a participant in the "Conference on RFID SECurity"

Other interesting option is to use the website The problem is that it is only available in Spanish. If you decide to risk, you have to indicate "Provincia=Málaga, and the most important Localidad=Málaga). You can also try to send them an email

Moreover, participants can visit the web-site where they can find a lot of interesting information (e.g. Practical Information Option --> Accommodation).

General information:
Malaga, the capital of the "Costa del Sol", is along the southern coast of Spain, in the historic region of Andalusia. The area is known for its appealing topography, enviable Mediterranean climate, with an average yearly temperture of 18.2º and over 3,000 sun hours per year, and a large variety of sports and leisure activities as a result of its outstanding tourist infrastructures.

With respect to communication, Malaga is connected to all corners of Andalusia and Spain by an excelent network of highways. Its airport, called "Pablo Ruiz Picasso" in honour of the city's mot universal citizen, handled in 2005 12,669,019 passengers is located 8 km from the city centre with excellent connections to whole of he Costa del Sol.
Malaga airport (you can choose English version)

The average temperature in July is 24 degrees although it could be hotter in the middle of the days. Anyway the Conference and the Social Events will be held inside air-conditioned buildings.

In the town you will find the Park of Malaga which from a century ago keeps collections of tropical and subtropical flora totally acclimatised from all over the world. You can enjoy the sights of the city such as the fortress of "La Alcazaba", the roman theatre and the castle of Gibralfaro. In "Plaza de la Merced" stands the oblisque in honour of General Torrijos, near this place it is located the house where Picasso was born. Near there, in San Agustin street you can see the Palace of the Earls of Buenavista, a 16th century Renaissance building. From the nearby "Plaza del Obispo" you can admire the Cathedral and the Bishop´s Palace. Near there you reach the well known "Pasaje de Chinitas", a special place where to stop in order to enjoy its delicious gastronomy. In Malaga one can of course taste a wide variety of cooking but specially in a particular way; what the spanish people call "Tapeo". Map of Málaga

Soon, we will show a list of hotels and other services with special offers for the participants to the Conference, but for the time being we offer a simple list of hotels: Accomodation list

If you have more days, we recommend you to visit other Andalusian cities like: Granada (Alhambra), Sevilla (Torre del Oro, Plaza de España), Ronda (Tajo, Plazo de Toros)...


Contact person:
Jorge Munilla
Tlf: +34952134166

E.T.S.I.Telecomunicación, 1.3.7.
Campus Univ. Teatinos. 29071
Malaga (Spain)